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Express your True Self

Take the first step to unleash your true self and potentials, so you can live the life that you truly deserve. There’s no better time than now. Coaching provides a safe and non-judgmental platform for you to be able to express, discover, and transform yourself.

What is Life Coaching?

1-1 Coaching

One-on-one coaching is ideal for those who wants to have their own individual privacy in exploring themselves, their inner world, and achieve their goals and dreams. In other words, it is for those who are looking for a personal development coach. 

I will be present beside you to support, guide, and listen with an open heart and together witness your transformation & creating the life that you truly deserve and born for.

Mental Fitness

A life changing mental training program for peak performance where you will learn how to detect, label, and manage your sabotaging thoughts  by building a habit of shifting from negative to positive thinking.

Mental Fitness program is ideal for individuals and corporates. It helps in building healthy relationships, reduce daily stress, and boosts the performance of employees and teams by reducing internal conflicts inside the organizations.


Highly informative, engaging, well structured and customized life coaching as well as mental fitness workshops and trainings designed keeping in consideration both individual and corporates.

Bespoke workshops and trainings help participants in personal development, self exploration, gaining confidence, overcoming fear, team building, improving relationships and welcoming change in all aspects of their lives.

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Life Coach

I feel privileged to provide coaching to women who have gone through hardships at different stages of their life. As an empowerment coach, my purpose is to create positive change in their lives by helping them to overcome burnout, lack of balance and stress to have balance, clarity, and leadership skills to stand confidently in front of challenges in their personal and professional life.

Aisha Abdulqader

Get your copy of She Dares. She Dares is a collaboration of 36 inspiring stories of women from across the globe. As the famous quote by writer Nora Ephron, “Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.”

Each author narrates their experiences, courage to move ahead to succeed in overcoming some of the greatest obstacles in life.

Why work with me?

By choosing to work with a coach, whether it is a life coach, personal development coach or a certified life coach, you are taking a big step. I understand it is a big decision. But let me assure you, our coaching relationship will allow you to see and feel the plethora of possibilities that are waiting for you. It will help you to be more enthusiastic, creative, and explore your passions by living life to the fullest while continually evolving.

Coach for Artists

Boost Your Confidence

mental training for peak performance

Overcome Challenges

personal growth coach

Achieve Your Goals And Dreams

Personal Development Coach

Personal Development

Creative Mind Coach

Be More Productive

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Take Control of Your Life

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Unlock Your True Potential

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Connect With Your Inner Self

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See what my clients are saying

Coach Aisha gave me a space to speak up and talk. We kept digging deeper and deeper until I found all the answers to the questions within me. This experience that I had with Aisha was a life- altering experience. Thank you Aisha for being there for me, you are an inspiration in my life. 
Maitha Alsuwaidi
Emirati Artist
The 6 weeks Positive intelligence program has been very eye opening for me. It taught me alot about myself and others. Doing this program with Aisha was great. She helped me alot in understanding the program and applying it.

Mariam Alserkal
Govenment Employee

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I am blessed for serving others specially women to discover themselves, their hidden capabilities, and accept themselves unconditionally to be their best version and become successful individuals.

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