Mental Fitness with Positive Intelligence®

Unleash your Hidden Strength through Mental Fitness

Build healthy relationships, reduce stress, and boost your performance. Build the habit of shifting from negative thinking to positive thinking, to be happier, calmer, and have less conflicts with positive intelligence® program.

Positive Intelligence® Program

The revolutionary Positive Intelligence® program involves teaching your brain to be positive in order to perform productive activities better than a stressed one.
Some of the key features of this training include:

Mental Fitness with Positive Intelligence®

Positive Intelligence - Mental Fitness
Duration: 7 weeks1 hour video every week
Free assessmentsContinuous WhatsApp support
Positive intelligence app to exercise on daily basisWeekly meeting on Zoom with the group
Free 8 chapters of “Positive Intelligence” which is the New York Times best selling book written by Shirzad Chamine.

During this 7 weeks we together will create a safe space to share, listen, and learn. This program helps you to become familiar with your inner child, inner wisdom, and your hidden powers of your mind. Create the habit to be happier, calmer, and reach your peak performance. Make your mind your friend to serve you rather than your enemy to sabotage you.

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Breakthrough Results of Mental Fitness

Positive intelligence® program has shown considerable improvements & results in the following organisations:

  • Trained Sales staffs outsold the control group by 37% at Metlife
  • Trained employees at Motorola recorded improved productivity by 93%
  • The average salesperson with improved competency through mental fitness program sold $55,200 more per month at Sanofi-Aventis pharmaceuticals
  • $91,370 increase per sales person at L’Oréal following the mental fitness programs

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Reviews for PQ Program

The positive intelligence program was a very powerful experience that impacted my life in a positive way, the program helped me identify core concepts that shifted the way i am thinking and the long road to self improvement. It helped me adapt a more positive mindset and increased my resilience it also helped me master my emotions and reduce my stress responses it enhanced my creativity levels and gave me great empathy towards other people thus improving my professional and personal relationships!
Hissa Almansoori
Emirati Artist
Aisha was my coach as I transitioned from the city to the country, from having to do things to choosing to do things and being my complete self. Her way of working is intuitive, insightful, patient and helped me to explore and find aspects of myself I had forgotten about. She also introduced me to Positive intelligence which is such a wonderful tool that I am delighted to use in a daily basis. As a result of working with Aisha I am living from the inside out - following my souls calling in a daily basis. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Judy Abramson
Business Woman (UK)

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My positive intelligence® training program for mental fitness will help to create a mindset for excellence while leading a meaningful, fulfilling and satisfying life. Increase your productivity by living a stress free life with PQ or positive intelligence® training.

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