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Training & Workshops

Training and workshops by personal development coach Aisha Abdulqader will help you: 

Goal Setting Workshop

Duration: 1 hour


Setting goals is a cornerstone to effective and positive life change. Gaining clarity, purpose, and direction are essential when it comes to changing habits and achieving goals. It increases your chances of experiencing success personally and professionally.

It is an hour workshop for those who are seeking to learn how to achieve meaningful goals that fulfills their purpose in life. The workshop helps to understand different types of goals and the steps needed to achieve the desired one.

End of Year Reflection

Duration: 1 hour


Usually held at the end of the year and incorporates variety of activities and sharings to create a safe space for participants to go through the year passed with appreciating mindset. The workshop includes group coaching activity and many more.

This workshop is conducted in a safe space for participants to feel relaxed and secure to open up dialogue for effective outcomes.


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Very well designed, highly informative, and engaging workshops for individuals and corporates to help participants in personal development, team building, and improvement in all aspects of their lives.

These workshops varies from an hour to half day and the aim is to deliver unique experience with valuable knowledge to personal and professional environments.

Through these workshops and trainings you will feel supported, heard, understood, and less isolated. You will discover that all the issues that you are facing are commonly shared amongst creative people and that the key to success is to master them.

As a Personal Development Coach, I will provide respectful, honest feedback delivered with kindness and awareness, while presenting you with challenges and properly train you depending on your specific goals and objectives.

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Fulfill your aspirations by taking trainings and workshops from a personal development coach. As a personal growth coach I will support you on the journey of self-discovery and personal development so you can become a confident and happy person.

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