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Overcome Fears Between you and your Goal

If you interpret your experience of fear in a helpful way, it wont be so overwhelming and you will subsequently work through it far more quickly and effectively.

How to choose a Life Coach?

According to International Coaching Federation, Certified Life Coaches are highly committed and distinctly passionate professionals. There are still a few things that you must ensure when choosing a life coach:

Why work with a Certified Life Coach?



High Credentials

Safe Space

Unconditional Support

Excellent Listener

Co-active Life Coach

Our life is build by our own thoughts and we tend to generate an identity for ourselves as a result of experiences we have gone through. Eventually that identity impacts our whole life and being. It will be reflected in our perspectives, thoughts, feelings, and what we attract, specially if we have passed through trauma, hardship or shock.

We tend to label ourselves based on those incidents and that’s what exactly happened to me. I had strong belief of keeping quiet and putting a lid on my griefs and sorrows. Why? Because I didn’t want to be perceived as a weak person. To me talking about those stuff was weakness and debility. I wanted to be known as strong and stubborn person.

I realized later that I constantly labelled myself as “unlucky” and that’s what I attracted practically to my life.  

How harsh I was on myself! 

That  realization led to another transformational shift in my mindset and that simply was ” I need to accept myself and choose the right label to attract what I truly deserve in my life.” 

That was a perfect equation for me.


My Journey as a Professional Life Coach

I started my journey as a professional life coach in 2019 and today I am blessed for serving others specially women to find their true identity, true essence, and accept themselves unconditionally to be their best version and become successful individuals. Because every human being deserves to live  the life that they truly wish and born for.  

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