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We are often consumed by our own opinions, life experiences, and way of thinking. A life coach (online or in-person) can provide a new and often helpful perspective on things.

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Coaching is a powerful alliance, created between you and your coach. I offer my clients free mini one-on-one coaching sessions (online or in-person) in order to build a relationship. These sessions are aimed at getting to know each other where we will discuss your expectations, needs, my expertise, and methods as well as the coaching process and approach.

If you are looking for an online life coach or want to have in-person sessions with a coach to transform your life then fill out the following form.

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    As a coach I will help you to tap into your inner powers and provide the support to create the life you want and deserve. It is a dynamic, highly interactive discovery process using highly specific methods, tools, and powerful questions so you can learn about your strengths and weaknesses. I offer Coaching in-person as well as online (life coaching, art coaching), making it convenient for you no matter where you live. You can be anywhere in the world and still not miss connecting with your supportive companion.

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    Coaching is a team effort and has a profound effect especially when people want to transform and are growth oriented. It requires commitment, determination, planned work, accountability, and the courage to embark on this journey. I will not just be your coach but your guide, your support, your biggest critic, and your true friend in need. I will ensure that we move step by step and work together to develop a strong partnership.

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    Make the first step and harness the power of becoming master of your own journey by booking your free break through session. These one-on-one sessions are ideal if you are searching for online life coach, online art coach or online coaching sessions or if you are in Dubai and want in-person coaching.

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    If you are not in Dubai and are looking for online life coach then book a FREE mini coaching session or contact me for in-person coaching in Dubai. Turn your dreams and goals into reality with online or in-person coaching.

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