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As a confidence coach, I will empower you to challenge your doubts and perceptions that are holding you back in a meaningful and constructive way

Reviews of Aisha Abdulqader

Ghaleya AlAqili

Emirati Film maker

Confidence Coach

Basi Hamid

Brand & Life Style Photographer

Reviews of Aisha Abdulqader

Maitha Alsuwaidi

Emirati Artist

Coach Aisha gave me a space to speak up and talk. We kept digging deeper and deeper until I found all the answers to the questions within me. This experience that I had with Aisha was a life- altering experience. Thank you Aisha for being there for me, you are an inspiration in my life.
Confidence Coach

Mariam Alserkal

Government Employee

The 6 weeks Positive intelligence program has been very eye opening for me. It taught me alot about myself and others. Doing this program with Aisha was great. She helped me alot in understanding the program and applying it. Aisha is very sympathic while talking and discussing the concepts and always clarifies what is unclear. I have better understanding of my self sabotaging thoughts and how to control and manage them.  This has brought me alot of inner peace to remember that I am not my sabotaging thoughts but a beautiful soul whose true essence will always remain the same. 
Reviews of Aisha Abdulqader

Judy Abramson

Business Woman (UK)

Aisha was my coach as I transitioned from the city to the country, from having to do things to choosing to do things and being my complete self.  Her way of working is intuitive, insightful, patient and helped me to explore and find aspects of myself I had forgotten about. She also introduced me to Positive intelligence which is such a wonderful tool that I am delighted to use in a daily basis. As a result of working with Aisha I am living from the inside out – following my souls calling in a daily basis. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Confidence Coach

Hissa Almansoori

Emirati Artist

Working with coach Aysha has been a life changing experience. She helped me rediscover my inner strengths and reflect it into my career path and relationships. I have found my values, voice and myself confidence with the sessions.
The sessions were extremely personable and she had the ability to connect with me fast to start working at any stage. Coach Aysha is very trustworthy and very encouraging patient flexible and insightful guiding me through my life experiences in the pursuit of my goals and dreams to reach my full potential.

Confidence Building Tips

Frances Bridges lists following Ten Ways to Build Confidence in her article in Forbes.

Get Things Done

Monitor Your Progress

Do The Right Thing


Be Fearless

Standup For Yourself

Follow Through

Think Longterm

Don't Care What Others Think

Do More Of What Makes You Happy

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I am grateful for your reviews and for showing your confidence in me. As a life coach and confidence coach I will help you rediscover your strengths, improve your self-esteem and overcome challenges with self-assurance and poise.

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