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    Reviews for PQ Program

    The positive intelligence program was a very powerful experience that impacted my life in a positive way, the program helped me identify core concepts that shifted the way i am thinking and the long road to self improvement. It helped me adapt a more positive mindset and increased my resilience it also helped me master my emotions and reduce my stress responses it enhanced my creativity levels and gave me great empathy towards other people thus improving my professional and personal relationships!
    Hissa Almansoori
    Emirati Artist
    Aisha was my coach as I transitioned from the city to the country, from having to do things to choosing to do things and being my complete self. Her way of working is intuitive, insightful, patient and helped me to explore and find aspects of myself I had forgotten about. She also introduced me to Positive intelligence which is such a wonderful tool that I am delighted to use in a daily basis. As a result of working with Aisha I am living from the inside out - following my souls calling in a daily basis. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
    Judy Abramson
    Business Woman (UK)