Glow From Within (Arabic)


This amazing printable workbook is designed with love for you to boost your self-love, forgiveness, help you to become courageous, and take action toward your dream life. It contains powerful questions, exercises, and lots of journaling spaces for you to glow from within and become your true self. Are you ready to change your life?



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Welcome My Beautiful Friend

You are at the right place and I am so excited for you!

My true intention from designing this workbook is to support women in getting access to their inner world to find their true essence and accept themselves and who they are. Because I believe it’s the first step in transforming our own life. The change starts from us.

This workbook has six sections and each one of them starts with an activity to bring calmness and contentment to your soul. There are powerful questions, journaling, grounding exercises, as well as actions to move you forward in your life. It is written in a way to be your companion through your inner journey.

It is a beautiful journey within you to help you get access to your true essence and assist you step by step to overcome your barriers and glow from within. Are you ready?

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I am blessed for serving others specially women to discover themselves, their hidden capabilities, and accept themselves unconditionally to be their best version and become successful individuals.

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